testimonials from students

I loved how it looked and worked, very clear, interactive and fun to use.
— Sara

We asked a group of students to describe, in their own words, what they liked most about the services available.

This is what they told us…


I loved how it looked and worked, very clear, interactive and fun to use. The advice is really good in the videos. Completing the questionnaires were easy to follow. The profile and statement seemed accurate and actually really helped to pick out the key things, strengths and areas to think about. Overall really good.


The website was easy to navigate and to use. Overall, I thought the website was useful and would provide a very useful tool in a short space of time, for any potential job applicants to use as a base when applying.


I like the creative lay out and interactive design. As a visual learner, I found the videos memorable.


I liked how accurate the personality report was.


Now able to tell interviewers about myself, as I struggle with doing this.


Team Piggy Bank is one of my favourite resources. I had never thought about teamwork like that and the benefits of everyone doing it.


The website was easy to navigate, and the questions were very thorough...this made me confident that the survey was exploring all aspects of my personality. The personal statement was very accurate, and I found it very helpful. Overall, I was shocked at how well the statement and report described my strengths and found it made me more aware of myself and more prepared for thoughts about the future.


Nice modern website. The content of the interview help pages are probably good for people who haven't had any kind of preparation before.


It's simple and fast, doesn't take too much of your time up.


It is easy to use.


Can’t believe how accurate my profile was and how much time I have saved. My CV is now done.


The success factor learning is something I have never come across before. I now know what self-development means and how to start. I can see why employers would want me to have these skills.


It feels as though the profile is an accurate reflection because the time was taken to understand detailed nuances of my personality. I also like the interview checklist and the resource that goes through questions to ask in interviews - the former will help me to feel prepared going into an interview, and the latter will help me in an area that I struggle most in.


It helps to give support when writing about yourself, without having to think into detail.


I found the questionnaire very user-friendly and engaging. I had a great analysis of myself, which felt really accurate.


Very user friendly. Modern graphics and all the helpful videos.


The personal statement was really accurate.


My CV profile is very accurate, but I especially like the success factors. Everyone talks about soft skills but what they actually mean by this was a mystery. I like that the success factors are in a logical order, so I can work through them. But I want to work on positive attitude first, as it is so difficult to stay positive when applying for jobs.



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