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Thinking Skills – Basics Part 1

Thinking skills have value

In work, those who have greater thinking skills, get noticed over those who don’t.

Talent managers look specifically for those who develop their thinking skills and who get stuck in. This leads to greater job satisfaction. You become more motivated when you’re trusted to get on with the job in hand.

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Thinking Skills – Box Clever Thinking

Adopt the box clever thinking process

Don’t get stuck in the ‘I Can’t’ box. A space where you feel despair.

Adopt the Box Clever Thinking process to reprogramme your thought process, to make your life easier and more successful.

Move from the ‘I Can’t’ box to the ‘Freedom to Choose’ box, where living in this space provides better options for you, and others.

The first step is to recognise which box you are in, then just keep moving out of them.

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