Sign Up - The email address is not accepted

You are already a member and need to Sign In, not sign up.

Sign Up - The Password is not accepted

The password must be at least 8 characters long, have at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

Sign In - I have forgotten my password

1.       Click on the Link ‘Forgot my Password’

2.       An email will be sent to you, check in your spam folder if after a couple of minutes the email is not received.

3.       Click on the link to reset your password

I have signed up so what now?

1.       Once you have signed up you then need to Sign In

2.       Re-enter your email address and password

3.       Tick to agree to waive my right to cancel during the 14 day cooling off period, if you want access to the premium resources immediately

4.       Welcome to your Dashboard. You will now be signed in and have access to the questionnaires and all the premium resources

I can’t get access to the Premium Stuff

To get access to Premium Stuff, you need to be a member.

1.       Use any of the Sign Up buttons throughout the site, to sign up

2.       Once you have Signed Up, you can Sign In to access the Premium Stuff

I can’t see all of the resources in the Premium Stuff

When you first signed up, ALL categories are pre-selected. You may have previously customised the categories you wanted to view, hiding the rest. To see more categories, you need to select more of the categories in settings.

To increase/decrease the number of categories

1.       Sign In

2.       From the dashboard, click My Account

3.       Scroll down to Update Settings

4.       Scroll down to Categories.

5.       Tick the Categories you want to view from Write a CV/Apply for a Job/The Interview/Success Factors/The Future.

6.       Click Submit

7.       Click Resources and you should see more of the content you wish view.

I only want to see one category in the Premium Stuff, how can I do this?

When you first sign up, all of the resources are pre-selected in Settings, so you can see all the resources available, with a short introduction. The settings can be changed, so only certain categories are available to view right now.

To reduce/increase the number of Categories

1.       On the Dashboard, click My Account

2.       Scroll down to Update Settings

3.       Scroll down to Categories

4.       Tick the Categories you want to view right now

5.       Click Submit

6.       Click Resources and you should see less of the content you wish to view.

How do I delete My Account?

You can delete your account at any time, but if you complete these steps, then your data is permanently deleted and cannot be reinstated. This is a legal requirement, that once you take this action, all data from all servers is removed. By deleting your account, you will have no access to Premium Stuff.

To delete your account

1.       On the Dashboard, click My Account

2.       Scroll down to Delete Account

3.       From the drop-down menu, change No to Yes

4.       ‘Tick’ I confirm that I want to remove my account access and all my data from CareerBite. My account will be removed immediately, and all my data will be anonymised and removed from your servers.

5.       Submit

6.       You will be redirected to CareerBite Homepage

7.       A confirmation email will be received confirming that your account access has been removed, and your data has had any identifiable information removed. All data will be removed from our servers.


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