Can I buy membership as a gift?

Yes, you can. You just need the email address for the person you want to buy the membership for, set up a password and let them know the details as soon as possible. Membership will last for 1 year, so don’t leave it too long before notifying them of this amazing gift of self-development.

How long does my membership last?

1 year. After which, you can renew for another year.

Will there be more resources in the future?

Of course! Our expert coaches are working on more content continuously. Subscribe for newsletters and get the alerts.


Can I speak to a coach?

Expert coaching sessions follow soon. If you would like to register for a coaching session, please get in touch using our Contact Us form.


What is the difference between creating an account and signing up to Premium Stuff?

By creating an account, you will receive regular news, blogs, alerts about new content and a selection of privileged resources.

By signing up to Premium Stuff, as a member, you will get access to a Personal CV Statement, in-depth report and all Premium Stuff.


Can I get another profile?

Your profile might change over a period of 18 months to 2 years, but could change sooner if your situation changes. So, there should be no reason why you would need another profile. To get another profile, you must set up a new membership and pay the required fees.


How long will my profile last before I need another one?

Generally, your profile is accurate for 18 months to 2 years, but it could change sooner if your situation changes.

What do I do if I have changed my email address?

You must still use your previous email address to access your account and Premium Stuff. Your membership to Premium Stuff will last 1 year, so you can stop using your old email address upon expiry.


Can I cancel/delete my membership?

You can delete your membership at any time but if you complete these steps, then your data is permanently deleted and cannot be reinstated. This is a legal requirement, once you take this action, all data from all servers is removed. By deleting your account, you will have no access to Premium Stuff.

To delete your membership

1.           On the Dashboard, click My Account

2.           Scroll down to Delete Account

3.           From the drop-down menu, change No to Yes

4.           Tick I confirm that I want to remove my account access and all my data from CareerBite. My account will be removed immediately, and all my data will be anonymised and removed from your servers.

5.           Click Submit

6.           You will be redirected to CareerBite Homepage

7.           A confirmation email will be received, confirming that your account access has been removed and your data has had any identifiable information removed. All data will be removed from our servers.

8.           No refund or partial refund will be made.


Can I get a refund, if I cancel my membership?

Yes, provided you have not accessed downloadable content or Premium Stuff.


Will you sell my data to anyone?

Absolutely not


Can I delete my data?


 Either delete your membership, which deletes your data - see Can I cancel/delete my membership?

Or unsubscribe, if you receive newsletters and your data will be removed from our mailing list;

Or send a cancellation form and let us know what you want to delete.


What is your privacy policy?

You can see the full privacy and cookie policy on the website:



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