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Case Studies - Stories, from students around you…

Meet Jaden and Sam

Jaden, a graduate, had applied for over 50 jobs and had been given an interview only twice and still no job offer. Jaden very demoralised, was losing heart, thinking he would never get a job.

Sam, Jaden’s sister, had faired a little better. She was offered a job at her third interview and having started work, came home every day in tears. Sam had found integrating into work a real problem, she felt lonely, hated the job and wanted to leave after only 2 months.


Mum and Dad, at their wits end, came to CareerBite for advice and to help their children with two very different problems.

Jaden got a personal CV profile statement to improve his CV and increase his chances of an interview. Sam used the list of career options, best suited to her profile, to target her next job.

Like many parents, we all do pretty much everything we can think of to support our children to get ready to leave education and be prepared for the world of work. We enlist the help of friends, family and work colleagues to harvest ideas on how best to prepare for the interview, all sharing our best interview techniques.

Sam and Jaden’s parents spotted that CareerBite was able to produce a personal CV profile statement quickly and was the first thing that took their interest. They had all felt the pain of trying to get this bit right. They loved it, seeing how it showcased the individual strengths of Sam and Jaden.

Taking a tour of the self-directed learning of how best to apply for a job and nail the interview, plus all the soft skills development, they immediately invested £49 for an annual membership for each of them.

Sam and Jaden quickly and easily got their personal CV profiles, and both agreed their statement was an accurate description of them. They also liked the in-depth report that set out their qualities and a few areas to ‘watch out for’, plus the list of career options.

Sam used the success factor coaching to help with ‘how to fit in at work’ and to help her feel better about her job. However, she quickly concluded, that she had plumped for the wrong work environment. Sam used the suggested career options, included in the in-depth report, to target her next job. Sam is currently using CareerBite to get her preparation just right to get a job she will really love.

Jaden was much more sceptical. He wanted to see how much benefit he would get from the membership his parents bought for him. Jaden surfed every part of CareerBite and eventually admitted he would use it and get real benefit from the self-directed coaching on interviewing well. He is currently very selective about whom he will apply to, and he is making sure his cover letter and CV beat the competition using all the tools only CareerBite can offer.

Meet Jack

A third year student about to finish university, who needs a CV profile. He has listened to advice and has been given a list of impressive words and / or phrases to help him write his profile. Jack is instructed to choose the words, which best describe him.

Words like: hardworking, fast-learner and good team player.

Jack chooses the words or phrases, he believes best describe him, which will create a good impression and someone all employers will want. Problem is stringing the words together, to make it interesting reading and different to everyone else’s profile.

What Jack doesn’t realise, is that most students are given a similar list, so most CVs end up sounding the same. From our research, employers feedback that CVs are all very similar.

Solution: CareerBite’s profiling tool, which produces a personal CV profile. It describes Jack’s personal preferences, regarding personality, working with other people and how he behaves in difficult situations. Information a prospective employer is keen to understand about Jack.

Meet Amy

Written a CV and has spent hours doing it, writing and rewriting the profile but she is still not happy.

Amy is not very articulate and finds it difficult to ‘sell’ herself. Amy is not alone, and although there is plenty of help on the internet, none offer to write the profile, at an affordable price anyway.

Solution: CareerBite’s profiling tool, produces a personal profile in less than 30 minutes. It describes her personal preferences, regarding personality, working with other people and how she behaves in difficult situations. Information every employer looks to understand about a prospective employee. Key information to ensure that Amy is a good cultural fit for the organization.

Meet Andy

Andy has an interview, knows he must do his research about the company; prepare for the interview; prepare answers for the questions; he also has an assessment center to attend, which he is most anxious about; he can’t think of any questions to ask the interviewer but knows that he is expected to have some.

How to begin?

Solution: CareerBite has all the resources Andy needs:

  • Insider knowledge of the interview process from the employer’s perspective;

  • How to conduct effective research;

  • The main types of questions, which he is most likely to be asked and advice on how to prepare answers;

  • We take the mystery out of assessment centers so that Andy has the best possible chance of understanding the game and coming out on top;

  • What he should be asking the interviewer.

Meet Julie

Julie suffers with nerves, especially when she wants something so badly, and she wants that job – badly!

The pressure is just adding to her nervousness. How can Julie overcome the nerves, so that the prospective employer has the best chance of understanding the value Julie can offer the company? It is not all about qualifications!

Solution: CareerBite’s, bite size chunks of skills development to settle the nerves. Increasing the chances of Julie attending the interview, happy, confident and the ability to just be herself. Julie can also get her profile for her CV and use this to describe herself more effectively, should she be asked the question, “Tell me about yourself”. The chances improve of an open, relaxed conversation, so the interviewer can gain a better insight about Julie, what she has to offer the business and how she will fit in.

Meet Bill

Bill is not the most confident person but people who know him well, believe he has lots to offer. Will he have the ability to describe his personal strengths effectively to an interviewer? People who know him well, describe him as a great person to be around, full of positivity and cares about other people.

Solution: CareerBite’s bite size chunks of skills development to boost confidence when in difficult, uncomfortable situations. Employers love to have people on board, who have natural positivity, the ability to bounce back when things go wrong and those who understand the importance of consideration for others, especially when the delivery of a task depends upon it. Skills Bill possesses but is unlikely to show case them, if his lack of confidence during the interview gets the better of him.

Meet Alice

Alice is a confident, outgoing individual, who just likes to get stuck in, so what does she have to worry about? The flip side for her, is that she regularly upsets people, they think she can be a bully at times and shows little consideration for what other people think. On a personal level, Alice falls in and out of friendship circles, never really getting close to anyone and that upsets her.

Solution: CareerBite’s bite size chunks of skills development, which highlights to Alice the importance of how to win friends and influence people, avoiding the passive aggressive tendencies she can demonstrate. Although this is likely to take more effort for Alice, with practical help, it is achievable and will result in much happier life experiences.  

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