Your story gets you noticed

Creating a good personal profile for your CV, is a real challenge for many of us. Tailoring your CV to a job isn’t easy when done correctly.

Most people, one of the hardest things to do is to describe what they are good at.  People always seem to feel embarrassed about what they see as, ‘blowing their own trumpet’ or showing off. 

The thing is this, your CV personal profile sells you to the employer, so it’s really not the time to be humble! This is the time to tell the story of how great you are and convince the employer they must see you. Employers want to be immediately impressed, so getting your personal profile statement just right is crucial.

The other advantage to having a great personal CV profile is you can refer back to it during the interview, feel more confident about talking about yourself and this gives you a better chance of being remembered for the all the right reasons.

You can ask your friends and family to describe your very best qualities and use this information in your personal CV profile too. 

Careerbite can write your personal CV profile that reflects your preferences and your strengths. 

Whether you decide to write the profile from friends and family observations or you decide to use CareerBite to produce your profile for you, it’s vital you get this first bit right. It’s what the employer sees first, often the only bit they really read!

Your personal profile statement is your marketing tool, so make sure you sound like the employee they just can’t do without. 

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