Love learning, love life

I remember my grandma saying, “every day's a school day” on many occasions and I thought, ‘Blimey I hope not!’ However, over time, I have come to realise those who have an ‘every day's a school day’ philosophy have a positive and enquiring attitude that stands them in good stead in pretty much every aspect of life. 

I guess the point is being willing to learn something new each day keeps us interested and interesting. When I meet people who are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new experiences I find myself becoming excited and interested in exploring whatever ‘new’ subject is on the agenda.

From an employer perspective, people who not only accept learning but actively look to experience something that builds their knowledge or skill often become the most valuable employees an organisation has. 

The most well respected and credible CEO’s say they take time to learn from those who are new to their company in regards to their observations, appreciating their fresh eyes on how things work and what advice they can give to make the company even better. The best leaders celebrate the fact that regardless of their position in the company they take the opportunity to experience and learn about things that inspire and excite them.

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