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Know yourself better

Finding out what makes us tick and what ticks us off is key to being self-aware, which makes us better able to handle difficult things as they come along.

One of the things people say is hard to do is telling others about their strengths, the things they are good and the things they find relatively easy to do. Somehow it feels like ‘showing off' or being ‘arrogant' if we become proud of ourselves and we worry about what other people might think. It is completely usual to worry about what other people think. 

The good news is there is a way to show off your strengths and still be humble enough to have people think well of you at the same time. 

CareerBite can describe your strengths by you answering a few easy questions about how you behave in different situations. In around 30 minutes you will have not only an individual paragraph describing you at your very best, you will also have a full page report about what you are great at, what makes you tick and what you might need to watch out for when dealing with people who have very different strengths and preferences to yours.

Remember we all have strengths but one person's strength can be the very thing that irritates another person with different qualities. Think about someone with a strength in being precise and getting into the detail working with someone with an opposing strength, for example, a person who is very action-oriented; these two people might find they have conflicting priorities on occasion and that might lead to a bit of tension or conflict between them. Knowing how your strengths affect those with different strengths helps you manage the situation better when those conflicting priorities come up in work. Check out the success factors (social skills) at CareerBite to get more information on managing yourself and others.

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