The Interview

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Be seen as professional in an interview.

Interviewers want to see people who are interesting, articulate and right for the job. Making sure you are that person, takes effort and a fair amount of practice.

Practice is not only about how to answer questions but how to ensure you answer in a way that shows off your very best self.

Lots of people develop little language habits that are not helpful when we are being interviewed. The problem with a habit is we usually don’t even know we have developed it as it becomes second nature and not something we think about.

A very good friend of mine has developed the habit of saying ‘and so on and so forth' at the end of almost every sentence. While this certainly does not cause an issue in social conversation, it has the potential to be an issue in a more formal setting like an interview.

Another good friend says ‘actually' a lot and again in a social setting it is ok to use actually a lot, however, in an interview, it can be distracting for the interviewer. I have known interviewers notice a language habit like ‘actually’ and then start keeping track of the number of times the person being interviewed said the word instead of paying full attention to answers they were giving

The sort of habits we might develop are things like saying hmmm a lot when we speak, or saying ‘well' or ‘so' before we start a sentence, or maybe saying ‘you know' during and at the end of sentences.

All of these little habits are fine when we chat to friends but they can impact our credibility when we answer questions in an interview. 

Think about how you speak normally when chatting to friends and family and try and find out if you have any language habits that might interfere with you being seen as professional in an interview situation.

CareerBite Success Factors have more information on communication and how to communicate really well. It's worth taking a look and having a practice to ensure your communication is as slick and professional as it possibly can be.

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