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How often do you find yourself reacting to something that has happened in the moment?

It is natural and easy to react, however, if we can ‘wait and see’ we may find the old adage ‘ everything happens for a reason’ to be true. We can seldom tell if one event is truly bad or good, we don’t know what will happen next so instead of using lots of energy worrying about what might happen it is simpler and less stressful for us to take a deep breath and think about how we manage the circumstances we have at the time. 

There is a Chinese Proverb that tells the story of maybe…… 

A farmer and his son had a beloved stallion who worked with them on the farm and helped them make their living. One day the horse ran away and one of their neighbours said Oh dear what terrible luck you will not be able to work the land so well without your stallion. The farmer looked at his neighbour and said “maybe”.

A few days later the stallion turned to the farm and he was leading a herd of wild mares with him. The farmer's neighbour said your horse has returned and brought more horses with him you are so lucky! The farmer looked at his neighbour and said ”maybe”.

Later that week the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the mares when she threw him to the ground and he broke his leg. The farmer’s neighbour said your son had broken his leg, what terrible luck! The farmer looked at the neighbour and said “maybe”.

A week later soldiers from the national army marched through town and recruited al the able-bodied boys to the army, the farmer's son still had a broken leg so he was not recruited. The farmer's neighbour said your boy has been spared the army what fantastic luck for you. The farmer looked at him and said “maybe”.

Instead of passing judgment in the moment try and say to yourself, this could be interesting in many ways, let's see what happens. If you can suspend judgement you can allow yourself the freedom to observe the whole situation instead of reacting to a bit of the situation. Not jumping to conclusions is important in work as we are not always privy to the whole picture, so, if we wait until we see what is to unfold we might save ourselves a lot of worry and find ourselves in a better position to formulate what we really think and so add value to the situation in an informed way.

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