The top 5 ways graduates can mentally prepare for entering the world of work

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The top 5 ways graduates can mentally prepare for entering the world of work

One of the most significant changes that a person will experience in their lives is the transition from being a student to entering the workforce. The disruption of routine, new schedules, and a fresh set of responsibilities can be challenging for any graduate to adapt to. 

Prior to landing their first role, graduates must be mentally prepared for the world of work.

Read on for the top five ways graduates can feel better prepared for the next phase of their lives.

1. Expect social change

Study hours are often shorter, or more varied than working hours, and a graduate should expect to work at least eight hours continuously in a day. The days of weeknight social excursions and late nights will start to become a distant memory.

2. Your online presence will matter

When applying for jobs, graduates must be aware that recruiters, potential employers, and future colleagues will look them up online. There should be no images of drunken debauchery on social platforms, and images and thoughts that can be accessed by the public should be clean, professional and not cause offence.

 3. It will become important to budget

Almost all graduates get excited when they see their first full-time paycheque. That one figure is probably more than three times what they were earning in their part-time student role, and they might feel like they are financially set up for life. Graduates need to realise that with work responsibility comes life responsibility, and the older they get, the more incurring ‘grown-up’ expenses they will be expected to pay. 

4. Remember that the first step you take, will not be your last

Many graduates are picky with their first role, and they should be – within reason. In 2019, the average tenure within one company is 3.6 years, and that time frame is shortening. A graduate should be mindful that they are making the right choices with regards to what they want to achieve in their career when accepting their first role, rather than just being attracted to a company.

5. Recruiters will become your best friends

Recruitment agencies who specialise in school leaver recruitment such as CareerBite, are the go-to experts for any graduate who is conscious of the most appropriate way to enter the working world.

The professional team at CareerBite not only offer CV writing services and excellent career advice, but they will also be able to better prepare an individual for the inevitable change they are about to experience in their lifestyles.

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