The top 4 things a student or graduate should never say in an interview

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The top 4 things a student or graduate should never say in an interview

When entering the world of work for the first time, many students and graduates find themselves filling out countless job applications, continuously updating their CV and seeking hours of career advice before entering their first interview.

Interview advice is priceless, but so many advice givers get it so wrong. Many just focus on what to say in an interview, but never what not to say. It is just as important to steer away from questions or responses in an interview that will raise a red flag to the employer than it is to provide the perfect scripted response.

Below are the top 4 things that a fresh graduate should never say in an interview. 

1. “My boss was an idiot”

Many students and graduates won’t have a plethora of related work experience to speak about in an interview, but most will have an internship or part-time role behind them that they will be quizzed on. 

An applicant should never speak negatively of a former manager or workplace. Not only does a negative attitude portray them as a pessimistic person, but it will also make the employer ponder if the applicant is, in fact, the difficult one.

2. “I’m nervous”

No, just no. Honesty is not always the best policy, and no one wants to hire a person who is lacking confidence.

3 “I don’t have any experience…”

This is a tricky one for students and graduates because you probably don’t. Apologising for a lack of experience is instantly portraying the applicant as a bad fit for the role.

The applicant should instead focus on their strengths and transferable skills.

4 “It’s on my CV”

Hiring managers shift through endless CVs and applications and somehow landed on this one. Referring them back to a written document is annoying for them and when being asked about something that is already detailed on a CV, the applicant should always elaborate on factors and experiences that are not included.

Securing that first ‘grown-up’ job is always daunting for fresh graduates or students. The best way to broach the application process is to seek the advice of a qualified expert at CareerBite, who will be able to tell the person what to do, and what not to do.

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