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How to ask the right questions

One of the greatest pleasures interviewers describe, is meeting a candidate who surprises and delights them; they often say it happens all too infrequently but when it does happen, it makes their day.

Use to help you be that person who surprises them, by preparing to show any interviewer the very best version of you. Find out what questions are likely to impress and excite an interviewer, so that you make a great impression and they remember you over others.

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Perfectly positive

A big part of doing well in the interview is how you sell yourself to the prospective employer; to appear confident and self assured you need to feel relaxed and happy about your ability and the value you can add to the job. Preparing mentally for the interview is as important as every other bit of preparation you might do. 

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Managing Silence

When you go to an interview it’s natural to want to make a good impression and make sure you say all the right things when you are asked questions.

When we answer a question, we expect to hear the next question follow quite quickly but if the interviewer just sits and looks at us without asking another question, we usually decide to say more.

You would be amazed at just how many of us can’t stand the sound of silence!

This is when we can get into difficulty…

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