Surviving After University

Apply for a Job

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How to survive after University

So, you have handed in your dissertation, taken a couple of weeks to catch up on some sleep – what now?

Looking forward to moving back home? Probably not, no offence to your parents, but you have loved the freedom to do what you like and at a time to suit you – generally at 3am.

Oh, job…

Have your parents mentioned the word ‘job’ to you?

“Had a good day? How are you getting on looking for a job?”

“You know Laura, well her daughter has got a job already!”

“Have you got your LinkedIn profile sorted yet? You know companies use it to find candidates, don’t you.”

Feeling under pressure?

Don’t fall into the trap of applying for any job, if financially possible, as this will set you up for lots of rejection letters. Take time to prepare for your next step and make your full-time job looking for a job and preparing for the world of work.

Make good use of your time this summer and boost your CV with skills you probably haven’t been taught while in education.

Learn skills that will make you more attractive to employers and highly employable. I don’t mean technical skills, as you have those covered. I mean soft skills, getting the success factors you need to get the job you want. Employers tell us that the majority of students leaving education lack ‘soft skills’, which include:

Communication Skills, Teamwork, Managing Emotions, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Willingness to Learn and Thinking Skills.

Get your Success Factors, get noticed and be the candidate all employers want and learn these skills, boost your CV and become highly employable.

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