Success factors that make or break the first few minutes of an interview

The Interview


3 Success Factors for the interview

As anyone who has had an interview will tell you, you can often assess how the interview is going within the first few minutes. Interviewers agree and just as the beginning of a CV often dictates whether the reader forms a lasting impression, the first few minutes of an interview will often make or break it.

 As these first minutes are essential for creating a good impression, our experts at CareerBite have undertaken a lot of research into this. They have drawn a few conclusions, that must be adhered to for interviews to be successful.

1.         First words matter

First impressions count for a lot, and nothing will define you more as a candidate as to how you greet the interviewer. A formal greeting, such as a handshake, combined with asking how the interviewer is, often provides the right level of business formality with personal interest and is usually a winning combination. Don’t immediately launch into a prepared speech but allow the first interaction to be completely natural and spontaneous.

2.         Avoid fidgeting

Fidgeting during an interview is often associated with negative connotations, including a lack of concentration, inherent nervousness and fidgeting at the beginning of the interview, will often be frowned upon. Keep your hands and feet still and adopt a relaxed, but attentive, pose. Avoid playing with pens too if you can help it – spinning a pen on your hand may be impressive, but not usually a skill, interviewers are looking for!

3.         Accept the offering of a drink

Most interviewers will offer you a hot drink or have a jug of water and a glass ready for you. Accepting this will show that you feel comfortable within the area, and also offers you the opportunity to show your manners as well. Please and thank you are essential, and if there is an empty glass by the interviewer, then ask if they want you to pour them a drink. Politeness and courtesy in a professional setting will always go down well and will allow your interview to start off on the right foot.

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