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Success factors give you an advantage, as these are the skills employers want. The result is that you become highly employable if you have these skills.

These skills are also known as ‘soft skills’ and they include teamwork, communication skills, self-management, willingness to learn and thinking skills.

Many companies have skills they consider to be vital for their business to succeed. The broad term for these skills is success factors. They are a list of statements used to describe the skills necessary for someone to be successful in a job and successful in the company. 

Once a company has decided which success factors are most important to its future success, the next step is to develop competency questions. Competency questions are questions designed to test the ability of an individual to deliver the success factor to a standard the company wants. 

Success factors are not only used for recruitment and asked during the interview, but they are also used for development once in the job. Development in success factors is often a significant first step to being more effective for the employer.

Companies also use success factors to measure performance, the better you demonstrate the success factor, the better your annual appraisal will go. 

So you will find success factors are often integrated into the whole employment cycle from applying to work for the company, to performing well in the role, to being promoted and for continuous growth throughout your career.

CareerBite has resources for 5 success factors. These are the success factors identified as most desired by the majority of employers. Take a tour of the videos, the questions types and suggested answers to become comfortable with how you might best present yourself in an interview where success factors are used to formulate competency interview questions.

The big thing about success factors is that they describe what a business thinks is important and how they measure those things. Getting comfortable with success factors and how they are measured gives you the edge when being interviewed and better than that gives you the advantage when employed.

Get close the success factors in CareerBite and get the edge in your next interview and next job.

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