The Interview


Strengths and weaknesses

What are your strengths? Quickly followed by, and what would you say your greatest weakness is?

How I used to dread being asked those two questions at the interview! For starters, I was usually full of self-doubt and convinced I had no strengths and thousands of weaknesses!

Trying to come up with a strength I could share in an interview that didn’t make me sound big headed or arrogant, and a weakness that would make the interviewer reject me as useless immediately was something I agonised over for ages before every interview I ever went to.

Interviewers who ask these questions say they desperately don’t want to hear the same old answers. You know, the “I am a hard worker and like working in a team”, my biggest weakness is I am too conscientious”. These and any other obviously contrived answers never go down well with interviewers.

If I had to go to an interview now I would simply sign up to CareerBite. By answering a few questions, I get my strengths described in a nifty couple of paragraphs fashioned into a personal profile that I can cut and paste into my CV and use that description of my strengths in an interview. Life made easier and better because the strengths are true; I’d feel confident about talking about them in a genuine and authentic way.

Of course, there would still the tricky ‘what is your weakness question to answer’. Thankfully due to the CareerBite in-depth report about my strengths, there are the things I’d need to watch out for. So, I’d be able to choose something real and hopefully interesting, to share with my interviewer. Having completed the questions, I know personally, one of my weaknesses is becoming frustrated with people who like more detail than I do. I’d share with the interviewer that this is something I work pretty hard on.

Knowing my key strengths, as well as the things I need to keep working on, is just the sort of stuff interviewers can’t resist. So, I’d have a much better chance of getting that job I want, and so can you. Give yourself a head start by joining CareerBite, gift yourself the sort of help and coaching that makes you more successful.

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