Self management


Bounce back to stay on the upside

Resilience can be built over time and it is a skill that employers value in their top 5 skills looked for in great employees.

Employers describe resilience as the ability to deal well with the stresses and strains of the workplace. You might hear people talk about it as the ability to ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong or still thinking clearly when you experience difficulties. Resilience isn’t about not experiencing a hard time, it's about getting over them quickly and moving on in a positive way. Being able to dust yourself off and focus on the next thing without over analysing, agonising and dissecting the past is a fantastic skill and it takes time to develop it well. 

There are a number of self-help books designed to give you a kick start at adjusting your perspective or ‘changing your paradigm’ a fancy way of saying reprogram your brain to be better equipped to move on from troubles quicker. CareerBite has a number of well-used methods to help you build resilience and have the success factor. See the top tips about self-management and how to keep going when things get tough. We also recommend guided reading and one of the books we recommend is 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff’, and ‘It's All Small Stuff' by Richard Carlson. It's a small book, easy to read as most hints and tips are on just one page, so you can read a page over a drink or lunch and not feel like it is masses of revision work. Take a look and start to feel less stress and more in control of you and your emotions.

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