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Problem? What problem?

Employers value Problem-solving skills because it shows them you have a number of other important skills such as logical thinking, decision making, resilience, imagination, creativity, and determination.

People who can see an issue, work through any number of potential solutions, testing each for suitability without becoming disheartened and come to an answer that solves the problem in the very best way, are like gold dust in business. No wonder employers value this skill so much.

CareerBite Success Factors cover many of the skills that are the building blocks in developing problem-solving in a simple easy way. Make yourself more attractive to employers, build your confidence and increase your employability. 

Many businesses use simple formulas to help people think through problem-solving and it is worth finding one that works for you and your particular style.

An example of a formula is :

  1. What is the issue or problem? Define it to make sure you are clear about what to solve before you put lots of effort into potential solutions.

  2. Why is the problem happening?

  3. What are the potential solutions - check as many as possible before any decision is reached.

  4. Test each solution then choose the best

  5. Implement the chosen solution with a plan for getting it right and for checking how well it worked.

Sounds easy right? The hardest part is showing a number of solutions were considered and thought through before a conclusion as to the right course of action was taken. People who check out a number of alternatives instead of just ‘going for it' generally create solutions that are more robust and in business that matters because no-one wants to duplicate effort and do the whole thing over and over.

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