Prepare for the world of work

Something for the weekend

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What will be right for me?

Take time to talk to people who have the sort of job you might like.

Think about who you might ask about their job and how they managed to get into the company they work for. 

It can be as informal as a 5-minute conversation with friends of friends, family of friends or people you know from clubs or organisations you go to. 

Consider what you want to know to help you decide what you might like to work at.

Some questions you might consider asking are:

What made you decide to work there?

What are the people there like to work with?

How did you get an interview?

What is your boss like?

What are the hours like?

What sort of opportunities for promotion are there? 

Would you recommend working there to other people?

Add the questions that are important to you and see what type of picture you get of a variety of workplaces.

Remember getting the right fit is important for you to be happy in work and since we spend such a long time at work we might as well enjoy it.

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