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Success comes from great preparation

To do well at anything it’s important to prepare. That might sound obvious but I know lots of people who think they can just tip up to an interview and ‘be themselves’!  At its best this is naive at its worst it is downright arrogant.

Preparation is everything when it comes to performing in front of an audience even if it is an audience of one or two - i.e. the interviewer[s].

Think about great sports people, they are only great because they work at it, hours of practice and preparation. It’s the same with being great in interviews, preparation and practice are everything.

Here is a little cheat sheet you can use to get ready for your next interview.

*Check out what dress code there is and match it - if it’s suited and booted - dress smart. If it's trendy and casual wear something smarter than the current employees but not too formal.

*Plan your journey to the venue - do a practice run to make sure you know how to get there and where the entrance is - believe me, I have wandered for 20 mins to find the right door and right floor before now and have thanked my lucky stars it was the week before the interview and not on the day of the interview.

*Practice answering questions - out loud - I know this might sound mad but it really works.  Its’ easy to find a list of the type of questions you might be asked but what you really need to know is what sort of answer the interviewer is looking for. CareerBite has great information from people who interview for a living on what they want to hear about when they ask a question, 

*Decide what you will ask the interviewer, every interviewer asks ‘what you would like to ask me’? They all want to be asked something interesting and stimulating, something that gets them enthusiastic about replying. CareerBite has a number of questions interviewers have said are amongst the best they have been asked so join up and take a look.

*The night before your interview be sure to get a good nights sleep and don’t practice too much, downtime lets your brain sort information so take time to let your mind sort and digest everything you have prepared.

*On the actual day, pay keen attention to your personal hygiene, again sounds like a no brainer but really concentrate on getting this right. Clean nails, clean shoes, not too much perfume or aftershave, it's the little things interviewers notice so make sure the little things are right so they remember you for your brilliant answers, not for anything negative about you or your look.

Follow this cheat sheet and you have a fighting chance of getting the prep right.

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