The Interview

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If you love it, you will be great at it.

Passion for the business is one of the things that employers look for when making the decision to offer a role to one individual above another, when everything else is pretty even in an interview.

Getting to know about business is crucial in being able to talk about it in an enthusiastic and passionate way. It takes more than a quick internet search to get the nitty-gritty about a business. CareerBite has great coaching on how to get under the skin of a business so you can decide if the business will be the right one for you before you go for the interview.

The interviewer will look for some of the following:

  • Who can talk about the company values and culture in a way that shows real appreciation of how those values and culture translate into every day working for employees.

  • Which interviewee can talk about the company in relation to the competition in a way that shows they understand the strengths of the company against the strengths of the competition and the challenges the company might face in the future to be better than the competition.

  • Who knows enough about the company financial performance to be able to describe their current trading statement and how it relates to the previous year. Having a point of view about the financial performance over time and what that means for a business is generally very attractive to prospective employers. 

Of course, interviewers have any number of things they want to check out in an interview to help them make a decision about who to eventually offer the job to, however getting these three things right will improve your chances no end.

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