Success Factors


Who you know matters almost as much as what you know.

Networking is one of the skills that helps you throughout your career; it's one of the skills that is worth developing early and maintaining rigorously year in and year out. 

If you don’t yet have a business network, now is the time to get started. LinkedIn is the most popular business social media network, so if you haven’t got an account, we recommend you set one up. See our Top 10 tips to get a LinkedIn profile. If you still find it a struggle to know what to write in your profile, your CV profile can be used as your LinkedIn profile too.

If you have already started building a business network, now is the time to continue building it to your best advantage. Think about who you are connected to and how you can build a business network from that. 

Some suggestions to consider are:

  • It's all about who you know, so start with friends and family - ask friends to connect you with members of their family who are already registered on business networks.

  • Once you have made initial connections ask each new connection to connect you to their network and review everyone on there to see who will be most helpful to you in your chosen career.

  • When you go for interviews ask to connect on business networks to the people you meet so you can keep in touch with the things they are posting about.

  • Look for sponsored posts to see if their businesses are ones you might want to connect with so you can check out what is going on in the industry you are interested in.

The key to building your network is to ask to connect with anyone who might be helpful either now or in the future. Don’t worry if some people you ask to connect with decline, most will connect so you will see your network grow over time.

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