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When you turn your mind to finding a job either for the summer or as a permanent career, it's a real step change from the focus on getting reports, papers or dissertations completed. That said, the pressure can feel just as intense in a different sort of way.

Just knowing there will be lots of students, graduates and other job seekers out there all potentially going for the same jobs makes it crucial to get yourself into a place where you will be the best applicant and get the job you want.

Getting into a place of comfort in being a great applicant takes a bit of practice and Careerbite can take you through some helpful, simple steps to set you up for success.

Here are some hints to get you started.

Use a CV template that is easy to follow and easy to fill in so you give any prospective employer the best first impression. There is a simple template for Business to download from Careerbite for free, plus templates for Creatives, Finance and Law.

Make sure you describe your best strengths in your personal profile, the first paragraph which kicks off your CV. This is an important bit of the CV, that lets the employer see if you are likely to have a good cultural fit for the business so it's worth getting this right. CareerBite can help you find out about your strengths. Just sign up and fill in our preference questions, to get your great personal profile for your CV and a full report about your strengths. Use this extra information about you, during the interview, when you are asked, “Tell me about yourself”. Your personal CV profile statement, written for you by CareerBite does the hard work for you.

Get ready to answer interview questions by becoming confident about what you are going to say when you are asked something by the interviewer. Take time to look through the different types of questions interviewers usually ask and try out using Careerbite's help on getting your own examples ready before you go for the interview.

CareerBite has lots of free help so you are ready for the interview and once you get the job you want, there is great help with the stuff you will face in the world of work. Success Factors help you with everything from becoming part of a team, communication skills to being confident in difficult situations. Just sign up and be the best YOU possible.

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