Job Applications - HOW AM I DOING?


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Job Applications - Know where you are, to know where you are going.

I know this sounds boring to some of us, but maybe it just makes perfect sense to the rest of us!

When applying for jobs, it is worth making a chart of the company name, whom you applied to, the date you sent the application and which cover letter and CV version you sent.

You can then monitor how long each application takes to receive a response, and if you find you don’t hear back from an application, it means you can chase it up.

Being able to monitor your applications makes you seem much more professional at every stage of the process.

If you hear nothing back, you will know whom to ask for when you make the call and can ask if they received your application. You can explain the date you sent it, and if they have not received it, offer to resend. Knowing the cover letter and CV version you sent means that if you do resend and the original later arrives, there will be no discrepancies between the two.

If you receive a ‘decline before interview’ letter with no feedback, then call using the contact details in the letter you received. Ask for advice on presenting a more successful application next time.

If invited for an interview, you will know which CV to take and having spare copies to hand out, can help impress the interviewer. Try to make their life as easy as possible; every small, good impression helps to create rapport.

If you don't get offered the role, you will know whom to contact for feedback to help you be more successful next time; you can ask what you did well in the interview and what you might need to change to make a stronger impact next time. has many coaching elements and templates in regards to asking for feedback. Get comfortable with asking for feedback in the right way, and it always impresses people if a candidate asks for feedback maturely and positively.

Your chart will also let you see how long, on average, it takes to hear back from each application and how long each interview process takes. It is easy to become disheartened when waiting on replies, but remember, many recruitment people have such a lot to do; the reply process can take a while. Not always helpful but it’s worth knowing it’s not about you, it’s more about their level of efficiency.

So, monitoring progress gives you many advantages; easy to do if you have a smartphone, but if it’s not something that comes naturally to you, try something as simple as a few ‘post-it notes’ on a wall so you have an ‘ at a glance’ check on where you are up to.

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