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A good cover letter to get you noticed

A good cover letter lets the person screening the applications, choose between the ‘average’ letter, the ‘bog standard, generic send to all’ type of letter, and the ‘tailored, focused and well thought through’ specific letter. 

The latter more often gets noticed and gets you through the screening process to move you to the next stage of the recruitment journey. Think about this; over 41% of job hunters don’t take the time to tailor their cover letter! If you take the time to customise your cover letter, you will stand out, without a shadow of a doubt.

Recent research by CV library suggests that two-thirds of all 18-25-year-olds find the process of tailoring their cover letter to every application they make, frustrating. That said, if it gets you ahead of the rest, it has to be worth it.

Each time you adapt your cover letter to a role you apply for, you get a new chance to wow the selector with how good you are. The purpose of the cover letter is to expand on the skills in your CV to prove you’re a great match for the job.

The cover letter gives you a chance to highlight your knowledge of the sector and why you are really keen to join the company. Your cover letter also serves to show you have done your research and are serious about wanting the job. 

You might say something like ‘I am keen to join [company] after learning of the recent expansion plans into xxxxx as I am fluent in [language] and have visited [country] many times’. You can also take the opportunity to describe how you will fit in with the company culture and ethos; a small bit about you humanises the application for the person doing the screening.

Your cover letter should be no more than around three paragraphs so put the bulk of your added information in the middle one. That way you get to have a great introduction, a meaty bit about you and a memorable ending.

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