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And have a CV that is a close match

Employers have specific requirements for the roles they are recruiting for, and they want to see a CV that is as close a match as possible. That is why sending the same CV for every job you apply for, is likely to result in you being disappointed with the outcome.

The first step is to look at the job advertisement for the key attributes wanted by the employer. Take a highlighter pen and pick out the skills listed as being important in an applicant. Then, take your master CV and highlight the skills on your CV, which match most closely to the requirements from the job advertisement.

They may list both their technical and personal skill requirements. Personal skills are what all employers want. Learn more about personal skills in Success Factors.

You now have two documents that have many highlighted cross-over areas; the areas you highlighted on your master CV are the ones you want to stand out on the CV you send for this particular role.

Take the opportunity to adapt your CV to the role you apply for. Put the job-related skills that matched when you highlighted your CV against the job advertisement, at the top of your CV, so they are one of the first things the person screening the CV reads. Research indicates that the person screening each CV may make their mind up in as little as seven seconds, so it’s vital your CV hits the spot in an instant.

You can look at the content of your CV as a whole, and move some of the best bits around where you need to make those items more obvious to the employer. 

You can insert a key achievements section straight after your personal profile statement, so you get to show your strengths and preferences quickly, followed by the things you are most proud of achieving. If you have difficulty writing your personal CV profile, let CareerBite do this for you. Take less than 30 minutes to get your personal CV profile, for £49. You also get access to all premium stuff for a whole year.

Whichever CV template you use, remember if you add a short section that highlights the things you want the person screening your CV to see first, you should concentrate on making keywords from the advertisement work best for you.

Many sites on Google show examples of highlighting job advertisements and CVs, so don’t struggle when you first get started. Utilise every resource you can to give you a selection of ideas and options, and you will find the more you tailor your CV, the better you will get at it.

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