The perfect job match for me 

You might ask why is it important to find a job you will really enjoy. There is growing evidence that when employees are happy, companies thrive. One study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. It makes sense for the employee and employer to make an effort to get the match just right. Sound commercial sense for the employer and job satisfaction for the employee.

A recent article by the Independent newspaper suggested as many as one in four employees are unhappy at work and that up to 47% of those surveyed said they would look for a new job this year. The cost of recruitment and training for new employees is a massive cost if that employee is unhappy and then leaves. Research suggests that employee disengagement costs the UK economy £340bn annually, a huge amount of profit wasted!

Getting the right job for you should be top of your agenda to make sure when you join a company, it is as close to perfect for you as can be. Matching your values, preferences and personality to the right job environment takes a bit of effort. Firstly you have to get to know a bit more about yourself and for some people that sounds a bit daunting.

It does not need to be daunting, as CareerBite makes it painless. 

Answering a few questions about yourself takes less than half an hour, and as a result, you will get a personal profile describing you at your best. Just think, a personal CV profile that describes your strengths to employers and makes your CV stand out from the crowd. On top of that an in-depth report all about your best bits and how you might interact with people who have different best bits to you.

The in-depth personal report also lists career options that are a potential match for you, helping you find a job you are likely to enjoy. If you have a job which makes you happy, you are likely to be more successful with the promotion that follows.

It’s always worth the effort to research up front to get yourself as ready as possible for getting a job you will love, and if you love it you are more likely to be brilliant at it. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to be happy at work given the amount of time you are likely to spend there?

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