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Being more fulfilled and successful in work is about making good choices.

Once we have a job, we find our leisure time becomes minimal. If you break it down into chunks of time, we get a good idea of how our 24/7 comes alive.

We tend to sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours or sometimes more, and that leaves 8 hours in which we, travel, eat, do chores and squeeze in the stuff we love to do outside of work.

When you see it put like that, it brings home just how important it is to find a job that we enjoy and makes us happy. Being happy in work improves our overall well-being and creates a cycle of contentment that leads to better self-esteem and more self-confidence.

When we find a job we love, it generally has some key features that keep us engaged and satisfied, some of these key elements are:

Somewhere that values you and gives you feedback regularly on how you are doing. Feedback makes all the difference in how we feel in work. A simple thank you is enough to make us feel noticed and valued. Knowing we are appreciated makes putting in the time and effort worthwhile. Get into the habit of saying thank you regularly to people who do even the smallest thing well, never underestimate the power of appreciation.

The hours you work need to suit you and fit with the rest of your lifestyle. If you pick a job that requires you to work evenings, but you don’t want to work evenings, then you will find that you resent the job pretty quickly. Being sure of when you want to work, will narrow down the jobs you apply for. Decide what you ideally want, then decide how flexible you are prepared to be before an interview.  I have seen many people job hop from one job to the next because they thought they would be able to ‘put up with’ the hours. Don’t make that mistake; job-hopping does nothing for your employability when the right job comes along.

Your co-workers are people you will spend a lot of time with. If you work with like-minded people, you will have a smoother and easier relationship. Of course, we won’t always love everyone we work with, but if we can ‘rub along’ with most people because they have broadly the same values as us, we end up feeling less stressed and more content in work. Rubbing along might mean you are becoming more tolerant of other people’s likes and dislikes, remember they are also becoming more tolerant of yours!

Having a clear career path outlined so you can imagine how you will progress in the company will help keep you motivated and focused on what you need to do to be recognised as having the potential and desire to do the next job you want. Take a look at how a company values and promotes from within, to see how much they invest in people. The more internal promotions, the more investment in people the company is likely to make.

Once you get clarity on your career desires, you can target the sort of company you are likely to enjoy and be successful in. 

Get your profile to help crystallise your ideas about you and your strengths. You will also see how your profile maps to certain job families. You can use that information as a starting point to assess companies, which are the right workplace for you.

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