The Interview

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Ask and get noticed

One of the greatest pleasures interviewers describe, is meeting a candidate who surprises and delights them; they often say it happens all too infrequently but when it does happen, it makes their day.

Use to help you be that person who surprises them, by preparing to show any interviewer the very best version of you. Find out what questions are likely to impress and excite an interviewer so that you make a great impression and they remember you over others.

One thing you can normally rely on is people like to talk about the things that excite them most; asking an interview what they think or their opinion about something can be quite refreshing for them.

If an interviewer has a number of candidates to interview, they normally have an interview process that they follow. This is so that each person gets to answer the same questions and they can be compared to each other fairly, at the end of the interview sessions.

Here is a common format:

  • Welcome

  • Set the time for each portion of the interview e.g. ‘We will talk through your CV, then I will ask some competency questions, you can then ask me questions and we will finish with what happens from today’.

  • Listen to the CV historical part, asking some questions to clarify sections.

  • Ask competency questions, remind the candidates to use real-life examples where they can, and record how the candidate answers match the criteria.

  • Ask the candidate if they have questions they would like to ask (this is the bit where you can really shine if you have done your homework. Asking the interviewer for their thoughts and feelings on a topic always goes down well).

  • Ask if there is anything else the candidate wants to cover. 

  • Explain when the candidate will next hear about the outcome of their interview and what the next steps are from there.

  • Thank the candidate and bid them farewell.

Get comfortable with making your answers as concise and focused as possible. Practice your tone of voice and body language. 

Decide on the two best open questions you will ask the interviewer. Once you have asked even one good quality, open question you will be able to relax while the interviewer talks through their thoughts and opinions. That should be enough to make a good impression and make you memorable in the mind of the interviewer.

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