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Joining a new team can make us feel both excited and a bit anxious. How will I fit in? Will people like me? What role will I play in the team? Will the team accept me, particularly if they have been together for a while! How can I find my place and add value quickly?

Here are a few top tips for fixing into a new team quickly and easily.

Ask open questions, get people talking about themselves so you know what is important to them and what makes them tick. Find out who knows who and where the tightest friendships are already established. If you don't have a great memory jot down a few key points after chatting to each of your colleagues, that way you can ask follow up questions when you next meet up. If someone talks about a big event they have coming up you can remember to ask how it is coming along which will make them feel good and see you are interested in them outside as well as inside work.

Be flexible in your thinking. Try and listen to how things happen at the moment and make sure you take time to understand how and why things are the way they are before you make comment about either liking or disliking work practices. Remember people will have done their best so far so respect their contribution, congratulating people on having done a good job will get ideas you have to further improver things more likely to be listened to and accepted.

Do small kindnesses to build trust and friendships. Take your turn doing the tea or coffee run and make sure you don't leave anyone out. If there is washing up to be done in the staff room do some before you are asked.

Smile……a lot……people love to spend time with positive people, make sure you stay positive and upbeat, no moaning about anything! Even if you feel rubbish, keep it to yourself, if asked how are you, say great thanks how are you. Moaning sucks the energy out of you and everyone subjected to it so try and steer clear of moaning about anything and try and avoid joining in if others are moaning about anything. People prefer to spend time with those who have a ‘ glass half full' approach and have a zest for life and living it.

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