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How to increase your job hunting success rate

It’s harder for graduates to get into the world of work and secure employment now than it was in the past. This is due to the uncertainty of the British economy, leading to a decrease in the number of graduate employers. As a result, many graduates are taking up tasks that didn’t require having a degree in the past.

However, all is not lost as there are several things that you can do to increase your job hunting success rate.

Start networking

Even if you don’t have well-connected people who can find you a job, you can easily secure employment through networking. Start with those you know in your family and circle of friends. Chances are that many of those love speaking about their jobs or are willing to refer you to other contacts.

You may not get a job straightaway after talking with the person, but getting a response that they'll reach out to you is positive. Other people may not offer you a job but will give you career advice to assist in your search.

Share your CV online

Digitalisation has changed the way things work in almost all sectors. Employers are searching for suitable employees online. Instead of writing your CV and waiting until you get a job, consider creating an online profile and share it.

On that note, remember to professionalise your social profiles. Many employers today prefer searching for you online before inviting you for a job interview.

Send a tailored job application

The worst thing you can do to jeopardise your job hunt is sending the same CV and application to every potential job opening. Always take your time to read the job requirements and then update your CV and job application letter accordingly.

Find ways to boost your CV

With so many graduates struggling to get the few available job openings, good academics is not enough to make you competitive. Engage in volunteer work to gain experience or do an online course unrelated to your degree to help you stand out.

If you feel stuck writing your CV or coming up with a marketable job application, reach out to CareerBite for a expert CV and interview advice.

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