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Meeting new people can be a bit daunting, even more so if that person holds your future job in their hands. We all feel nervous, even the best actors and performers say they experience nerves before a performance and let’s face it, meeting someone new is equivalent to giving a premier performance to a full house.

We are usually on our best behaviour and we want to impress in new situations and there is nothing wrong with that, it's when the desire to do well increases our adrenaline which triggers our survival, the instinct that we can feel nervous or anxious and this can affect how we perform in the interview.

Controlling nerves can be a tricky business but there are several techniques that can be practiced discretely that can help us. One of the most simple ways is to use mindful breathing to calm your mind and body.

Take a slow breath in through your nose to a count of three, hold the breath for three and then gently exhale through your mouth again for the count of three. Do this as many times as you need until you feel you are in control of your nerves and your mind.

This breathing technique is recognised as being one of the most effective methods of calming us.

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