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The formula for competency interview questions = job offer

The responses you give to interview questions are sometimes measured against a rating scale to provide the interviewer with specific data on how each candidate performed in the interview.

Competency interview questions 

These are competency interview questions, and most interviewers will tell you they are going to ask competency interview questions, so you know they are looking for something specific when you respond.

Many companies have developed their own ‘success factors’. They create competency interview questions to see how closely candidate answers match the level that they are recruiting.

The formula for your response

When asked a competency interview question, the interviewer will most likely ask you to give a real-life, recent example of when you used a particular success factor. The reason for asking for a real-life example is we can recall the details of things we have experienced more vividly than if we tried to imagine what we might do in any situation. It also lets the interviewer assess the steps you took when you decided your best course of action.

The rating scale

Interviewers usually measure competency answers on a four or five-point scale. At the top end of the scale, they consider who you consulted, what information and data was considered, how previous experience was used, what level of risk was associated with the situation and how a conclusion was decided upon. 

At the entry level of the scale, the measure looks more at talking about experiences you have had, consulting others if needed, considering the best course of action in the circumstances and being brave with your choice if you need to be.

Getting comfortable in describing what you have done in many situations using this simple formula will help you prepare for any competency questions you are asked in an interview. CareerBite has 5 success factors that are some of the most sought after success factors in business, so worth getting comfortable with as a great starting point.

Like most things in life the more you practice, the better you get. Answering questions is a learned skill so practice, and you will reap the benefits.

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