A CV to Get Noticed


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How to write a CV to get noticed

Your CV is the first thing an interviewer sees and the tool they use to decide whom to invite for interview. It's also the reference tool the interviewer uses when they speak to you at the interview.

Creating an interesting CV can be the difference between getting in or ending up in the bin!

Once you have a brilliant intro describing all your very best strengths - from CareerBite of course - you can concentrate on highlighting your experiences and skills.

If you have had a part-time job make sure you put in the dates, your employer and describe the work you did and how you learned from it.

Volunteering is always attractive to prospective employers, and most companies love to see you are socially aware enough to give something back to society.

If you have volunteered or are currently volunteering make sure you put it on your CV.

Clubs and society membership is another great way to show skills and experience.  List the dates, what you did and how you were involved with others.

Member of a sports team? If so put it on your CV. Say what you did, how you participated and what you learned and how it can be applied to work.

Part of the debating society? Get that on there too along with what you learnt about communicating.

You get the idea! You will be amazed at how much credit is given to potential employees who have gotten involved in extracurricular activities. Interviewers love people who can show they get involved and are driven to do a little more than the minimum. For an interviewer every activity you describe on your CV lets them get to know you better and will also give them something to discuss during your time with them.

Please make sure you are honest with dates and experiences, it's easy to chat about real life, and it makes the conversation with the interviewer flow, which in turn helps you relax and be yourself.

Use CareerBite CV template to give you a good structure to work from and to describe your very best you ready to WOW at your next interview.

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