6 Common CV Mistakes You Have To Avoid

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You may be great in interviews, but if you have a bad CV, you may never get the chance to go to one. There are many common mistakes that people can make, so here we take a look at six of them to help you improve your CV.

1. Bad formatting

Your CV needs to be formatted in a professional manner, and the different sections need to be clearly marked with your personal details at the top. You also need to choose a professional font and text size. A bad first impression could have an employer throwing away your CV without even reading it.

2. Not being unique

When you’re applying for countless jobs, it can feel hard to muster the energy to create a unique CV with each application. But even a little variety can help, and ideally, you need to include a cover letter stating why you think the role is perfect for you and your skills.

3. Bad grammar

Bad grammar gives the wrong impression and spelling mistakes can mean the end of your application. If you struggle to write well and succinctly, find someone who can help you. Your CV should be checked multiple times before it gets sent.

4. Lying

While it may seem easy to lie on your CV, you should avoid this at all costs. If any errors are found in your job history, then it could cause problems for you. It’s even wise to avoid lying about your interests and hobbies, as this could be used to trip you up in an interview.

5. Too lengthy

A lot of the time employers will have a large number of CVs to get through. If they come across one that is numerous pages long, they might not even bother. You should still provide all the relevant information but try to be succinct and use bullet points where you can.

6. Not selling yourself

Some people love talking about themselves, but most people don’t. If you struggle to talk about yourself, pretend you’re writing about someone else with your skills. Being modest about your genuine achievements isn’t a recipe for success. Be proud of your achievements and tell the employer why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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