4 things a graduate needs to consider before applying for their first job

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4 things a graduate needs to consider before applying for their first job

It can be stressful for a graduate to land their first full-time role within the industry or discipline they have studied. Many graduates are finding that they don’t have any work experience, they have no relevant references and they are falling behind the competition.  

Due to this, many graduates are leaping into their first role simply because they received a job offer, and not really considering what they want to get out of their career.

Before taking the leap, it is important for every graduate to take a step back and consider what drives them. The top 4 considerations that should be made before firing off a CV are listed below.

1. A challenge

All first jobs are going to be challenging for a graduate, but a challenge can fast turn into routine and boredom. 

A first role should be both consistently interesting and stimulating to ensure the graduate’s attention is constantly gauged and that they are consistently working to learn and better their skill set.

2. Responsibility

As a graduate enters the workforce, their confidence may quickly be shut down if they are experiencing a lack of freedom and creativity.

A first role should allow a graduate to make decisions, feel valued and set them up for future leadership opportunities. 

3. Culture

Every graduate or student will soon realise their workplace environment is not like the classroom they have grown accustomed to.

 A graduate should look for a nurturing environment which offers employees freedom of expression, or culture perks such as flexibility, casual dress or regular social events. 

4. Development

It is vital that a graduate develops within their first role and seeking out companies that offer development programmes is the best choice.

Whether it is upskilling with additional courses or acquiring new skills, a graduate is sure to feel more stimulated and committed to the company if they feel they are developing a larger skill set. 

Once a graduate has taken the time to analyse exactly what is important to them in their new role, they need to create the perfect CV to secure it. 

Seeking the help of one of the passionate experts at CareerBite to assist in CV writing is the perfect way to tick all of the boxes when it comes to securing that perfect first role.

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