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Find your perfect fit

Never underestimate how important it is to find the right work environment to suit your personality and working preferences. We spend the majority of our waking time in work, so the happier we are, the more fulfilled and content we become with the rest of our life. If we are unhappy at work, that unhappiness seeps into life out of work and makes us pretty miserable about almost everything. Taking the time to match what we want, with what a company can provide for us, is crucial to our overall wellbeing and to our success in work.

Workplaces also benefit from getting the right match between people and jobs. There are numerous studies that show satisfied people are more likely to stay productive and perform positively in a position, it just makes sense, right?

Identify the match

So how do you get a good match? Start by identifying the things that float your boat. What inspires you? What creates excitement and a fire in your belly? Write down everything that matters to you. Think about the small stuff as well as the big stuff, it’s usually the small stuff that matters over time. 

If you like freedom to do your own thing, then an environment that is structured might not be for you. If you like working quietly and are happy to work alone or unsupervised, then an open noisy environment might irritate you over time. Drill into your likes and dislikes as deeply as you can to get clarity on what will make you happiest in work.

What about you?

Get to know yourself better. Complete some personality or preference questions to see what strengths come through, (you can do this with CareerBite). Take time to be up front about what you would do in any given situation, never answer preference questions the way you think someone else would like you to answer. It is important you answer questions honestly to get a decent handle on the real you; knowing ourselves isn’t always obvious. The good news is that there are no ‘better ‘ or ‘worse’ types, just different types of people suited to different types of work environments.  CareerBite can provide a personal report, a strengths based CV profile statement and advice on matching work environments to suit you best, all by answering questions that take less than half an hour to complete.

Cultural fit

Employers look for someone with the best fit so they keep the workplace as productive as possible. From an employer’s perspective, this is not to be seen as ‘ lovely and fluffy’ as much as being focused on being commercially astute. Any disruption to the workplace results in a reduction in productivity and potential profitability, never a good thing when you have to balance maintaining consumer loyalty and building bottom line profit.

Everyone wins

Getting the match between the person and the work environment right benefits everybody. The employee is happier and more fulfilled in work. The employer gets a productive, efficient and effective employee. Teammates get a team member that fits well and enhances the team which makes work more of a pleasure all-round.

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