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Perfectly positive

A big part of doing well in the interview is how you sell yourself to the prospective employer; to appear confident and self assured you need to feel relaxed and happy about your ability, and the value you can add to the job.

Preparing mentally for the interview is as important as every other bit of preparation you might do. 

It is natural to feel nervous at the thought of an interview. Meeting someone new, knowing that person will make judgements about you, wanting to do well and have them appreciate your skills and your personality all conspire to create a bit of anxiety in us. Especially when we know we have one chance and a short amount of time for them to get to know us.

If you listen to creative performers almost all of them say they feel nervous and anxious before any big event and let’s face it auditioning for the job of your dreams is a big event for anyone.

There are a few simple tactics to get your head in a good place, ready to face and conquer the world.

  • Write down your three key strengths and say them out loud at least three times, on three consecutive days - get comfortable in being proud of what you are great at.

  • Practice some positive affirmations - take a look on CareerBite for some great positive affirmations; using positive affirmations makes a difference physically as well as mentally to our confidence and wellbeing.

  • Visualise doing well in the interview, research shows positive visualisation affects our level of confidence so imagine yourself doing brilliantly and you have a better chance of performing brilliantly on the day.

  • Pay yourself a compliment every day; comment about your look, your attitude, your behaviour just the way someone who really valued you would. Reinforcing our best bits help us maintain our positivity and help us repeat the good stuff we do. Don’t be shy about this.

Be enthusiastic and upbeat at every opportunity; become the eternal optimist and you are likely to find positivity will replace nerves and anxiety, making you feel you can conquer the world. That, and good preparation, will help you achieve everything you want to.

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