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People who find the right work environment to suit their personalities and skills are happier in work, find work a pleasure rather than a chore and get noticed for their contribution more.

Think about people you know who seem to have a ‘natural talent’ for something. They always seem to find what they do easy and a pleasure. When we see the right people in the right place at the right time, it all just works beautifully and easily. Finding the right environment for you can make all the difference to your level of happiness and work satisfaction. 

The first step to finding the right work environment is to get to know yourself and your preferences. Once you know what you like and how you want to work, you can match that to work environments you are more likely to enjoy and be successful in. Many of us take a long time to find the right ‘fit’ for us, using CareerBite will help accelerate the process and get the right match sooner.

Some work environments lend themselves to personality types in an obvious way and others not quite so obviously, so knowing as much as possible about your own strengths really helps.

Sign up to CareerBite and explore work environments, the characteristics and job families that you might consider as a good match for you.

Get both your personal CV profile and in-depth report and use the information to identify a number of environments to explore. Get a leg up in getting the right career for you.

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