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How to get a good SWOT

Many companies ask prospective employees to complete a review of what they do well and what they might do better. There is a simple formula most businesses use, it’s called a SWOT analysis. This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Some companies give you a fair amount of help by providing a template of four squares with guidance notes, to describe what they want you to cover in each section.

Strengths - this section will usually cover

  • What does the business do well?

  • What do they do better than anyone else?

  • What is unique about them?


  • What are the main limitations of the business?

  • What don’t they offer that others do?

  • What do others do better than them?


  • What recommendations do you have for improvement?

  • If the business could change one thing for the better, what would it be?


  • What obstacles might the business face in the short, mid and long term?

  • What things are holding the business back?

    [You can consider political, environmental, social and technological aspects in this section - sometimes referred to as PEST]

Remember depending on the business/employment field you want to join, the SWOT might be at a macro or micro level.  If at a macro [big picture] level the business is looking for big picture thinking with creativity based on some factual analysis. If at a micro [detail] level the business is looking for a real practical review of the short and mid term.

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