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I didn’t get the job!

Once thing is for sure, every time you apply for a job you put yourself at risk of rejection!

Worse than that, you might just hear nothing at all!

It never ceases to amaze me that many companies, some of them big , well respected companies, don’t bother to get back to applicants.

But you can improve your interview techniques by improving your ability to handle rejection as you’ll maintain confidence.

I often hear applicants complain that they have sent out a dozen application letters and received a reply from only one or two.

It is very disheartening to keep applying for jobs and not getting an interview or going for interviews and not getting the job.

While this might not make you feel much better, here are a few nuggets of information to put it into perspective:

  • Only 2% of applicants get invited to an interview - the rest get screened out from their CV.

  • Employers say three quarters of applicants apply for jobs, they are not qualified for and it wastes their time.

  • Interviewers say they only interview 4 or 5 people for a role, as time is money, so the screening is critical to making sure the 4 or 5 are really well match to the role.

  • Wastes the employer’s time.

The fact is, there are often several hundred applicants for every job, so being one of those invited to interview means you must be ready to give it your very best shot, when you get in front of the interviewer.

But back to managing rejection.

Be proactive, it shows you are keen. If you apply for a role, ring the company and make sure they have received your application. Ask when you might hear more.

If you don’t get invited for interview, ring again and ask if you can speak to the person who screened the applications for feedback - ask them what would have made the difference and invite you for interview, so you can do that next time.

If you don’t get the job after interview, ask for feedback about what you did well and what advice they could give you for next time, so you can do better.

Make sure everyone knows you are trying to find out how to improve your performance, so you have a better chance next time round.

Once you have completed your research on what stopped you getting the job this time, remind yourself that you are in great company, many of the most successful people in the world were rejected on numerous occasions. They became successful because they didn’t stop trying.

So don’t throw teddy out the pram, just dust yourself off, use some positive affirmations from CareerBite and jump back into the race.

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