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Check them out before checking in

Getting a list of companies to research, to understand if you would be happy working there, is a really important part of researching your options for your future career.

What sort of company do you want to work in?

  • Small

  • Large

  • Public sector

  • Private sector

  • Charity sector

  • Something else

What type of culture would you be happy in?

  • Formal

  • Relaxed

  • Friendly 

  • Creative

Getting to know a company is like deciding if you want to start any relationship. Investigate these points, as much as you can before you decide whether to invest your time and effort into being together. 

Follow the company on social media - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, sign up for newsletters, read blogs/vlogs. Check if they have a vacancy page on their website. You can set up Google alerts, so you get notified if anything new happens, staying informed.

Companies are full of bluster and marketing spin, try to get inside knowledge so you know what they say is actually true - you only get that sort of validation from real people.

CareerBite have a fantastic question set you can use to gather good quality information about the company, from the people in the know!

The more you know the more you can make informed choices about your compatibility, so put the effort in up front and save you the heartache of getting it wrong

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