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It is amazing who you meet and how strangers can say something that changes your perspective on things.

Commuting into London I looked across the table and found my traveling companion was a little old lady. I mention this because she really was old and pretty frail looking too and I wondered what on earth she was doing on the early train traveling by herself.

That said, I decided it wasn’t my business and settled down to read the Metro and contemplate life.

As the train trundled on, I felt the little old lady looking at me and I glanced over at her and she gave me the biggest smile you can imagine.

Darn I thought, I bet she wants to chat!

“OOOh” she said, “the train is so busy today, I didn’t realise so many people would be traveling into town this morning”.

“Yes, it’s usually busy in the morning, people traveling to work and often the same people, get the same train each day. What makes you travel today,” I replied.

“I’m going to have a new experience today”, she said. “Oh, that sounds good,” I replied.

“Yes, my ambition has been to try and either learn something new every day or have a new experience to remember every day and today, I am going to have my belly button pierced”.

Well for a split second you could have knocked me down with a feather! However, as I looked at her I saw a beaming smile from ear to ear, so with my most supportive face fully in place I said, “Well good for you!”

“I am now 86 and have seen lots of change and over time, I came to realise that change is a good thing.”

“It hasn’t always seemed good when I was in the middle of it! In fact, there have been times when I have been upset, afraid and downright frustrated at changes.”

“BUT as time has gone by, I have realised that every change makes us who we are, so I try and embrace it now and think, whatever life throws at me I will learn something of value from it.”

“Having gotten to my age, not so much happens now, so having taken decades fighting change or getting used to change or just moaning and complaining about change, I am now active at making change happen,” she chuckled.

What an inspiration I thought, gutsy, positive and grasping life with both hands. I considered all the things I complain about, the things I grumble about and in that moment decided I would take a leaf out of my traveling companion’s book, and welcome change with open arms and an open heart.

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