The Interview

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Attitude is the answer

I asked this question to a number of recruiting managers ranging from family businesses, through small to medium-size concerns, and larger companies. The answer was not as obvious as I had thought. It was reassuringly consistent.  However, here is the best learning from their experience.

Attitude over anything gets you the job

By attitude we mean behaviour. Your approach, relationship building in the interview, and showing the preparation and work put in so it appears this is a job you really want. Having spoken to a number of recruiting managers, if there are several very intelligent and qualified candidates there must be something to differentiate between them.  The decision is often made when one candidate demonstrates the right business ‘attitude’. This makes enough difference between them and the other candidates, even if some have better qualifications.  Of course, the ideal person is a great mix of the two, so take a look at this mix of attributes when you are preparing for an interview.

First impressions are crucial

Take time to tailor your look. This is vital so you reflect the image appropriate to the company culture.

Making eye contact

Smiling and shaking hands sets you up for success. Practice with a friend, even if you feel ridiculous. Better to feel silly before, than disappointed after.

Get comfortable with the answers you want to use in the interview

Test them out loud and see how they sound. Make sure you have examples of real-life situations to share as these always come across as the most credible.

Be genuine in your desire to work there

It is obvious to seasoned recruiters when people have taken the time to assess if they are right for the job – and if the job is right for them. Make the effort to be assured and confident.

Influencing the decision is all about building rapport with the interviewer so be approachable, open and friendly. Remember, it is a two-way conversation and will be a two-way relationship when you start to work there. Leave the interviewer with as good a final impression as your first impression was: stay positive, remind them why you should be getting the job, and remember to thank them and say how much you have enjoyed meeting them.

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