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You might be thinking, the answer to what?

CareerBite is the answer to the questions we all ask about growing our confidence, making a great impression, getting that great job and being brilliant at it.

CareerBite’s founders are absolute pros, talented business people, pooling their collective experiences to create online coaching that allows you to identify your best strengths, show them off and build them further. Every stage of getting the best job for you is covered including, growing your confidence, knowing where the best fit is for you, performing brilliantly at the interview, right the way through to building your portfolio of social skills.

Essentially, we understand you and what you need to build a successful career.

Now, here’s how we help you do this…

Your Profile


In-Depth Report

Get a personal profile written for you that encapsulates the essence of all that makes you unique and employable, showcasing you to an employer so they can see what an asset you will be. All from just a few questions about your likes and preferences!

An in-depth report lets you capitalise on what you already do well, to give you confidence and build skills employers seek out and value.


Success Factors

Success factors coaching is all about the behaviours that make people more successful in work and in life, our content gives you the benefit of the sort of training most companies only reserve for those with potential to grow and be recognised as future leaders.


We think it’s fab and hope you do too.



Sharon Gregg, CEO and Founder

Sharon Gregg

I am passionate about educating students so they become highly employable, bridging the skills gap between education and the world of work.

Like many parents, I watched my children gain the technical knowledge at university to enter the workplace but as the job application process drew nearer, it became clear they needed more practical help and support.

Working in the recruitment industry for the last 15 years, I could offer practical help and advice with their CV profile statement, interview preparation and soft skills, so they really understood what was expected of them when they started work.

CareerBite.com offers this same learning to you.


Linda Owen - Founder

I have spent over 30 years working in human resources, coaching and development and business helping teams and individuals bring the best version of themselves to deliver commercial goals and enjoy the benefits of success professionally and personally.

Linda Owen.png

Having a strong belief in diversity and valuing the differences as well as the similarities in people I wanted to use that passion to help people identify their strengths, build their confidence and become positive and engaged both inside and outside work.

One of the reasons I co-founded CareerBite.com is to allow people to discover their potential to do more than they might think possible. Being agile, nimble and bringing your best self to every situation takes practice, effort and sometimes a bit of help developing the skill, I wanted to be involved in helping by providing the sort of insight I’d have liked when starting out.


Sarah de Corday-Long – Founder

Sarah De Corday-Long

I have spent the last 15 years assessing and developing senior executives, helping them to understand themselves better and the impact this can have on their work.

It is important to me to share this knowledge with people who are at the start of their careers which is why I co-founded CareerBite.com, as I have a passion for giving everyone the same chance.