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Prepare to be motivated, self assured and brilliant in your career. Secure the job you want, in the industry that's right for you and show you have the social skills all employers want.


We’re much more than CV writers, we offer full cv advice and support, we’ll help with CV creation but our service helps prepare you for much more than that, through interview support, team building skills, communication skills and how to adapt into your new workplace.


Although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find work, your dream job is out there. We offer a service that provides you with career advice and support from established professionals who know what it takes. Our service isn’t just a CV help and creation service. It provides inside analysis and a real “leg up” in the whole job searching process and we prepare you effectively so you’re full of confidence.


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Get a personal CV profile statement written for you in minutes, that encapsulates the essence of all that makes you unique and employable. Showcasing you to an employer so they can see what an asset you will be. All from answering a few questions about your likes and dislikes.

We’re much more than CV help and support but it is a fundamental part of showcasing your skill set to an employer and our service helps you stay one step ahead of the game and puts you in the driving seat.

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Every stage of getting the best job for you, growing your confidence, performing brilliantly in an interview, to building your portfolio of social skills is here. Get the Success Factors which make you highly employable.


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CareerBite identifies your best strengths, shows them off and builds them further. Giving career advice and guidance on how to navigate the waters of employment and ensure that you allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. It starts with CV support and career guidance from Careerbite.




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Step 1 is getting a personal profile written for you in minutes, which describes all your best strengths. Help employers build the right impression of you in the shortest possible time.

Cheat the hardest part of writing a CV.

Map your profile to different careers - what are your options?

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Step 2 is getting the best job for you, growing your confidence so you perform brilliantly in an interview.

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become a self learner

Step 3 is how you build your portfolio of social skills, what we call your Success Factors. They are all here for you, just pick what you need at a time to suit YOU.

Gain confidence to build skills employers seek out and value.

CareerBite shares the resources the best employers give their best people.

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Successful in our own fields we come from diverse backgrounds and industries. We like to think of ourselves as an eclectic mix of factual, logical thinkers blended with creative coaching skills bound together with years of commercial, business and relationship expertise.


Passionate about helping people build confidence as well as expertise, we believe we have pulled together pretty much everything we wished we knew when we started work. They say hindsight is a great thing and we think CareerBite comes close to providing the sort of hindsight that equips people with the very best start.


Sharon Gregg, CEO and Founder

Sharon Gregg

I am passionate about educating students so they become highly employable, bridging the skills gap between education and the world of work.

Like many parents, I watched my children gain the technical knowledge at university to enter the workplace but as the job application process drew nearer, it became clear they needed more practical help and support…

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Linda Owen - Founder

Linda Owen.png

I have spent over 30 years working in human resources, coaching and development and business helping teams and individuals bring the best version of themselves to deliver commercial goals and enjoy the benefits of success professionally and personally…

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Sarah de Corday-Long – Founder

Sarah De Corday-Long

I have spent the last 15 years assessing and developing senior executives, helping them to understand themselves better and the impact this can have on their work.

It is important to me to share this knowledge with people who are at the start of their careers…

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